Giants Must Fall – It’s A Mandate

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Giants Must Fall - It's A Mandate

Giants come in all shapes and sizes. The giants of fear, intimidation, comfort, anger are just a few of the giants that we can accommodate in our lives. But the truth of God’s word is that we don’t need to rationalize with our giants. We aren’t called to argue with them. Jesus invites us into the truth of the situation. That huge, ferocious giant might be coming at us with a sword, spear, and javelin, but Jesus is bigger than our giant. When we get that revelation we will not continue battling our giant in our own strength and ability. We’re not battling our giant with a manmade armor. We will face the giants in our lives with the supernatural armor made of the spirit. We’re battling the giant in the name of the Lord God Almighty, in the name of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. When you believe that Jesus is bigger than whatever it is you’re facing, something is going to shift in you. The victory is already here. We just need to have the Spirit of God infuse us with the reality of that amazing truth. We just need to have the Spirit of God pull us up to that height. Victory starts with changing our minds and believing that Jesus fought once and for all, and our giant has fallen.  Jesus will lead us into victory!   If God has it His way, every giant, every stronghold that binds us will be defeated and we will walk in complete freedom. And, God will receive the all the glory for killing the giants that stand between your and His purpose over your life. 1 Samuel Chapter 17.