It’s A Mandate – Giants Must Fall! Exposing the Giant of Comfort

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It's A Mandate - Giants Must Fall! Exposing the Giant of Comfort
Exposing the Giant of Comfort.  Faith thrives in discomfort. In 1 Samuel chapter 17,  we see that the Philistine army and  Goliath had intimidated the Army of Israel for 40 days.  Goliath had taunted them and intimated them so much that the Israelites decided to remain in the place of comfort rather than to go out and defeat the giant once and for all. Then David appears and because of his intimacy and trust in God,  he stepped out of his place of comfort and took the giant on!  Every day their comfort held the Isrealites back.  But David showed up and defeated the giant Goliath.  Faith thrives in discomfort. The greatest moments in life can often result from some of the most uncomfortable places.  Don’t allow comfort to cause you to settle for less than God has planned for you.  Don’t allow comfort to keep you from moving forward and trusting God.  Faith will always require risk and can often feel uncomfortable.  But we know God will go before us in all and through all.