THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAT “Take Up Your Mat and Walk”

John 5 1-14
Jesus came to a pool, called Bethesda and interacted with a man who had been sick for 38 years. Jesus ask the man “Do you want to get well”
Pastor Kim Moreno unfold the story of this encounter through this podcast “ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAT” She shares great insight into God’s desire to heal us and the responsibility we have in our healing. She shares her own testimony of this transforming revelation.
In John chapter 5 , Jesus asking him do you want the responsibility that comes with healing. Do you want the responsibility that comes with wholeness are you willing to lose the label of the victim are you willing to lose the label that says I get my identity from my past failures or my past mistakes or what is happened to me. God not longer wants up to be identified with our issues, but rather identified with what He has done for us. Our identity is not in what happened to us our identity is in WHAT JESUS DID FOR US! Are you willing to step out from the familiar to the unfamiliar are you willing to let go of your bitterness or unforgiveness your resentment or your lust, your greed or your envy or your disappointment, your hurt, you rejection, your habits or your addiction, your blame or your shame. Jesus is asking us today “Do you want to be made well?” Our Yes will alter the course of our life and the course of a generation.