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Apostle Kim Moreno


The definition of transitioning is; passing from one stage to another or from one place to another. Now that’s a simple definition and though it might sound simple, transition is often difficult to do. The Children of Israel where in a state of transition they had left Egypt after being enslaved for 400 hundred years and they were in the wilderness. They knew that God had freed them to go and possess His promise over their lives and lead them into the Promise Land.

They were struggling with the transition from being a prisoners in a land to be the possessor’s of a land. And you can’t have one foot in Egypt and another in the Promise Land. You must make a decision to transition!

If you are having trouble with transition there are three things can easily affect the success of your transition. God desires to take you somewhere, to transition you into your destiny and the enemy desire to pull you back into the bondage God has freed you from. This teaching will inspire you to move forward and transition into all God has planned for you.