View Your Victory! We Win!

 Apostle Kim Moreno

2 Kings 13:14-19 ~ The real victory in this scene in 2 Kings chapter 13, was not won on the battlefield; it was won behind the scenes.  Similarly, real victory is won through our prayer life. We need to let our “arrows” soar out of us, sending them in the direction God instructs.  Our arrows are the words of authority spoken in prayer.  In this text, Elisha was giving King Joash instructions from God on how to win the battle they faced.  The Prophet Elisha wanted the King to see the victory before the fight starts.  Your next battle might be tough…you’ve got to get your victories really embedded in your spirit to give strength and courage to fight!  You are more than a conqueror through Him who loved you. So give God a “pre-view praise” for every victory that He is going to bring to pass in your life!  This is called a pre-view praise- this is when you see yourself and your future stronger than you’ve ever been, wiser than you’ve ever been, more courageous than you’ve ever been. And you rejoice in advance like it’s already done! “WE GOT A PREVIEW! WE WIN!”  Here’s a prayer to pray; God show me where to shoot my arrows.  Because action without aim leads to exhaustion.  Take time to pray and get strategy from the Holy Spirit with every situation you face.  Be obedient to follow God’s instructions and you will move in victory every time!  God will show you the right direction!