What’s On Your Horizon

The Worship Center | Church in Antioch CA | Antioch Churches
The Worship Center | Church in Antioch CA | Antioch Churches
What's On Your Horizon

Lorie Johnson, Assistant Pastor

If I choose to see what’s on the horizon in my own perception, then I am limited to my own thinking. But God has no limits.

So If I choose to see what’s on the horizon through God’s perception, then I have access to what He is seeing, what He is thinking and what He is doing. God’s Horizons are where impossibilities becoming possible!  Can I share with you what I see in this Horizon?  I see the fire of God’s love burning so deep and so wide that not one will perish in this city! I see the spirit of religion dead because its head is cut off.  I see an amazing God who fights every enemy that will ever try to come against us.  I see many God possibilities and ideas that He wants us to partner with in Him for provision.  I see every pain DESTROYED and every sickness HEALED.  I see every prodigal coming home to their heavenly place in Christ.  I see thousands and thousands of salvations in Christ Jesus.  I see faith so bold that our shadows release His light.  I see deliverance happening all the time because people encounter Christ and not Christian clubs.  I see this promise land that God almighty Himself has given us, destroy the works of EVERY principalitie and power and evil ruler in dark places.  I see all of God’s children walking in ALL the FULLNESS of Christ identity.  I see churches full of people moving in the purposes and destiny God created for them.  I see Joy so loud that it rattles the teeth out every demon in this region.  I see people so hungry for God that they will walk away from natural things just to gain Christ.  I see a love so PERFECT that ALL FEAR is destroyed.  I see churches moving like the body of Christ is built too with all Five Fold Ministry Offices in place.  I see the GREATEST REVIVAL to ever hit this earth, land and region of Antioch and flow through this church where we get to be a history makers while having the best time of our lives!    So…What’s on your HORIZON?