Jamie and Cara Hussey

Cara and Jamie HusseyJamie and Cara both grew up in the Pittsburg area. Cara is a real estate agent with the Rick Fuller Team and Jamie has worked as an operator for USS POSCO for 5 years. Cara and Jamie have two daughters, Alexa and Addison.

Cara is a member of the TWC Worship Team and Women of Worth Leadership Team. Jamie serves on the TWC Sound and Media Team.

Jamie and Cara are passionate about sharing and displaying the love of Jesus. They are grateful that their professions have given them the opportunity to serve and minister to people in the community.

Tony and Charlene Franchetto

tony-charPastors Tony and Charlene are Members of the Elder Board of TWC Church. Pastor Tony serves as sound technician and Pastor Charlene is a part of the Women of Worth Ministry Team.
Pastors Tony and Charlene are business owners who serve in the community.
They have the gift of faith and their love for Jesus and for others is reflected in all
they do.

Melissa Berumen

Melissa Berumen Elder & Financial Bookkeeper
Melissa Berumen was born and raised here in Antioch. She was in the Mortgage Industry for over 31 years; and has been an Administrator in the Real Estate Industry for the past 2 years. Melissa has 2 Sons, a daughter in law; and 2 amazing grandchildren Isaac and Ella.

She is a member of the The Worship Center Choir. She also serves faithfully on the Leadership Team of Women of Worth Ministries. Her heart and passion for God is reflected in her faithfulness, willingness and consistency to serve the body of Christ whole heartily.

Her greatest joy is spending time with her grandchildren. She understands the importance of family and has made her family a great priority in her life.  She walks in great love and reflects the heart of Jesus as she serves her Savior with excellence. Her greatest desire is to see the love of Jesus extended to everyone. She desires to see the Glory of God revealed in such a way that cities are changed and transformed by an outpouring of His presence and that all would have the opportunity to know and experience this great love that only Jesus can give.

Frank & Tracy Quiros

Family Ministry & Kingdom Culture Kids Church PastorsFrank and Tracy Quiros serve on the core leadership team at The Worship Center. As a couple, they are the leaders of Family Ministries at The Worship Center and pastors of Kingdom Culture Kids Church. They also assist with Pastoral Development and are both Instructors at TWC University.

Frank is a noted teacher, training in personal renewal, practical living, and spiritual intimacy. Frank’s authentic style of speaking has a unique anointing that opens the way for new encounters with God and spiritual refreshing. Tracy serves as pastor and administrator of Family Ministries. She is a gifted communicator and moves powerfully in gifts of faith, words of knowledge and gifts of healing. Among their many responsibilities Frank and Tracy give oversight and leadership to the financial team and staff relations. They are gifted multi-taskers that give assistance to every team lead.