Encouraging Each Other Devotionals

True love, effective love, world-changing love is an enlightened love, a love sharpened with and filled by truth. You can’t love like God loves unless your mind is engaged rightly. Good loving requires good, right thinking. And this love — an affection for others grounded in and stirred by the truth — is what God builds into our hearts as he works to complete us. God’s reshaping, polishing, finishing work will be happening as we are loving. God is completing us when we love our spouses and our children, when we love our neighbors and co-workers, when we love our life-long friends and the strangers we’ll probably never see again. Don’t lose heart. Don’t give up. Don’t doubt the passion and ability of God to fulfill the plans of God for you and for the world. Set yourself to love more and more whoever God has put in front of you.

-Apostle Kim Moreno
The Worship Center, Antioch